Take Down and Storage

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We know you’re busy at this time of year.

We know climbing ladders to get those lights up perfectly is nerve racking.

We know lights from those box stores never seem to last more than a year or two.

We know Christmas Lights. We use Commercial Grade C9 LED’s, and mini’s. Let us do it for you!

We work with you to design the perfect lighting for your home and landscape.

We supply commercial grade custom cut LED’s, plump Garlands and large full Wreaths. We install them with trained and certified technicians, take them down after the holidays and store then for you until next year.….mp3

Just some trim lighting along the roof line.

Our basic lighting packages can start as low as $750 for the design and professional installation of the decorations.

Ottawa house with Christmas lights modern
Ottawa house with Christmas lights

The Trees

Many clients enjoy a big beautiful display for the holiday season. They either add to a previous years design or jump right in and get the full house done up right from the start.

Top of the line

The top of the line designs always include a tie in to the landscape with lights in the shrubs and the trees. This will turn some heads when the lights come on.

Ottawa house with Coloursfull Christmas lights
Ottawa house with Christmas lights

Do It Yourself

Let us take the worry out of
Holiday Decorating for you.

About Us

We are Professional Christmas Decorators & Installers in the Greater Ottawa Area. We have been serving Ottawa since 1986.

Let our technicians bring joy and elegance to your home or business this holiday season!

We know you’re busy. Let us do it for you! We design, supply, install, take down, maintain & store your LED Lighting, plump garlands and large wreaths. Our longer-lasting, brighter commercial quality LED Bulbs save up to 97% electricity and last much longer than traditional retail (big-box) lights. Our LED bulbs are available in a vast array of colours including the very popular traditional ‘warm white’.

Let Green Unlimited professionally design, supply, install, take down, maintain & store all your holiday decorations.
We use only commercial quality LED lights and greenery that you can’t buy in stores. Everything is better quality, brighter, bigger, fuller, lusher and lasts significantly longer than your typical retail, throw-away variety, ensuring years and years of use!

We do all the work and we include our: “Hassle Free Christmas Guarantee”

Your decorative displays are guaranteed till Christmas. We will visit your property bi-weekly (up until Christmas Eve) to ensure the decorations are working and looking their best.

We will replace or tighten unlit bulbs, groom and primp as required to keep things looking great.
An excellent Christmas gift or surprise for a loved one.

Call for a Free Estimate: 613-744-7336 email or get an Online Request

Fully Insured – WSIB Certified – Aerial Platform Certified – Ladder & Working at Heights Trained & Certified



It’s easy. Drop us a line at or just call our office at 613-744-7336. One of our Decorating and Lighting Design Sales Consultants will be happy to discuss how we can help and give you a better idea of the possibilities available to you.
It starts with a simple call, then a design appointment. We’ll work within your budget to get you the best value and make the biggest impact. Decor packages start at $750
depending on your home.

We supply commercial quality decorations that will last many years.

Everything is custom fit to your house and included in our pricing (all extension cords, hooks, hangers and timers) you don’t have to worry about anything!

We’ll schedule a date and then we’ll install everything (weather permitting).

We take down the decorations during January and we even store them for you, which is included in our price.

Many clients start a basic lighting installation and then add to it each year while others like to get the whole place done up to the nines right from the start.

That’s easy. The short answer is: We are Decoration Specialists, not just light hangers and we use Commercial Quality lights that will last. We WON’T use the lower quality big box products that often prove unreliable.

Here are some of the main reasons to have us look after your lights this year.

  • We’ll fix anything that has burnt out or become detached so you don’t have to worry.
  •  We include everything in our price- Installation, Maintenance, Take-down and Free Storage.
  • We ONLY use Commercial quality LED lights that are proven to be Brighter, more vibrant, better colour and much longer lasting than your typical retail variety. This saves you money by not having to constantly replace entire light strings, and you’ll save money in electricity with LED’s – up to 97% from traditional light bulbs!
  • Our Greenery simply can’t be matched. Our garlands are large and plump. Our wreaths are large and spectacular and all of our bows are custom and hand-made with love at our shop.
  • Our staff are professional and uniformed. We carry 5 million in liability insurance, WSIB, and our installers carry Ladder and Working at Heights certification.
  • We have been in business since 1986, and are the largest Independent Lawn care operator in Ottawa.
Most projects can be installed quite quickly but it all depends on the time of the year.

Once you book with your design consultant they should be able to give you a date- normally its within 1 week or even sooner.

We start putting them up after Halloween and go right through to Mid December.

The quicker you make a decision, the quicker we can be there. Christmas always comes faster than you think!

Re-installations generally take place during October or early November but may not be powered up until after Halloween , we return to plug them in at your discretion. We install right up until a few days before Christmas!

We will work within your budget. As a rule of thumb a new installation start at $750. Everything is custom designed and fit for your property.

Since all homes are different and so are personal styles and tastes, we offer a number of decorating options that can work for you.

Roof Soffit lighting, Door Garland and a Custom Wreath are option that can enhance your design.

For a basic design (15 Minutes) we do not charge to measure up and quote. When we need to measure trees, house features and roof lines, create a plan and calculate exactly what is needed to make your Holiday decorations complete and create a design sketch we charge $85 per hour. We will gladly deduct the fee from any decorations we install for you over $1000.
We focus on the Greater Ottawa Area. This includes outer areas such as Manotick, Greely, Cumberland Estates. Depending on the size and scope of the job we will always try to accommodate you.
Not for our exterior installations. Our professional installation crew has a well-documented design to follow and they will treat your property as if it were their own and ensure an efficient and orderly professional installation. When your family gets home, you can take all the credit!
Green Unlimited Professional Christmas Decorators provide services to Municipalities, Commercial Office and Industrial Buildings as well as to Restaurants and Bars, Small Businesses and Residential homes.
This is the most common question these days. With LED lights, it will certainly take far less electricity, however the lights are more costly than incandescent bulbs.

Another consideration is the # of lights required to adequately light up a large tree. A 30 ft. tree can take as many as 2500-3500 lights depending on your taste. A 30 ft. Spruce tree can easily run between $1500 & $3500 to be professionally light.

Unfortunately UV light exposure can degrade wire over time and ruin the lights. Most lights are rated to have only 45-60 days of UV exposure per year in order to last many years. The UV intensity is also higher in the summer than winter. Another big problem for lights is that squirrels tend to chew through wire. They are mainly hibernating in the winter and very active spring through fall. Chewed lights are expensive to repair so it’s always best to take them down rather than risk having them destroyed.
The advantage of hiring Green Unlimited Christmas decorators is we inventory and can repair any lights we supply. Unfortunately with store bought lights, they are often molded, which means they do not have modular parts that can be removed and repaired. We cannot warranty or offer our workmanship guarantee on anything that we do not supply.
We’re as versatile as you are. The great thing about working with us is that as long as we’re installing the lights you can change designs and colours – and the lights are guaranteed forever. We catalog the inventory for your design and store it separately with your name on it. So whether you decide to change colour one year or light up something a little differently we’ll be there to help.

Green Unlimited Professional Christmas Decorators

Are not your run of the mill “light hangers”. We provide full professional Christmas Decor designs and plans for your home or business.

Unlike many out there, we do not use “Big Box Store” retail quality lights and decorations (you could do that yourself!) We carry a wide array of LED lights in practically ANY colour including the most popular “Warm incandescent white”. All of our products are custom cut and and tailored to fit your property features and to minimize any visual clutter and distractions.

C9 Professional Christmas lights Ottawa ontarioProfessional Christmas Greenery Ottawa ontario
  1. 36″-100″+ Custom Christmas Wreaths, Lit & Decorated!
  2. 10-14″ Plump blended Garlands
    1. Post & Pillar spiral wrapping
    2. Swags on railings
    3. Door Garland
    4. All of our bows are custom made in house!
  3. LED Lighting (C7, C9, “Mini” Polka Dots)
  4. Tree Lighting
    1. Branch and Trunk Wrapping
    2. Canopy/Spiral wrap Lighting
  5. Fascia / Soffit / Eavestrough Lighting
  6. Roof Ridge-Line Lighting
  7. Landscape and Special Effect Lighting
  8. Window Lighting
  9. Greenery Sprays
  10. Evergreen Pots & Urns
  11. Daytime Décor to provide daylight interest.
  12. Specialty Decorations
    1. Scenes and Displays
    2. Interior setups for commercial establishments and restaurants

Green Unlimited carries $5,000,000 in Liability Insurance, Full WSIB Coverage, and all our installers have Fall Arrest Certification! We have over 20 years experience and are specialists in the design and installation of Landscape Lighting and Festive and Special Event Decorating (like weddings, backyard events and other parties). We have a Genie TZ50 boom lift that allows us to reach 50 ft. tall trees and houses.

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    We will work within your budget. As a rule of thumb a new installation start at $750. Everything is custom designed and fit for your property. Since all homes are different and so are personal styles and tastes, we offer a number of decorating options that can work for you. Roof Soffit lighting, Door Garland and a Custom Wreath are option that can enhance your design.

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